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关于提高英语水平的英语作文:求一篇关于如何提高英语(improve your english)的英

日期:2020-06-30 16:58:17

求一篇关于如何提高英语(improve your english)的英语作文,高中水平、80词左右。

How to improve English(Kaiser3344手写2113)  Talking about English study,I think practice is necessary and important.   For the improvement of English,we should practice as much as possible.Before classes,we must preview the lesson by repeating after the tapes and look up the new words in the dictionaries.When in class,we ought to try all our best to answer the teachers' questions.And it's very useful to keep the texts in mind.   Listening to english news also does good to our english.  楼5261主,纯手写,而且兼顾楼主高中4102水平,若觉得满意,望1653多多支持哈!!!

英语作文 请写一篇关于提高英语水平的短文

we need the training to english interest,and write the english diary ,then learn to sing the english song and see english film is useful for remembering,last we could make conversation with the schoolmate in english .就这么多2113了,写的很辛5261苦啊!谢4102谢采纳!1653

如何提高英语写作能力 英语作文

How to improve English writing abilityStrengthen recitingSee a good article, not only to understand enough, it should be a lot of Recitation on the basis of understanding, in order to achieve mastery, according to the existing results. English should read more back, put some sentences, phrases, some of the fragments or the back, let the material in can recite fluently from memory, rooted in your head, when you want to use, they will naturally emerge.It can develop the correct use of language habits, enhance the sense of language, so you can avoid rote to write some China style English. Strengthening reciting can become difficult, easy to change, can effectively help students to improve writing skills. Now let's recite and memorize some language materials for middle school students will be greatly.Pay attention to readingTo effectively improve the level of English, we must do a lot of reading. Extensive reading can enable students to broaden their horizons, enrich the knowledge, increase the sense of language, to provide the necessary language materials for writing. Writing and reading are complementary and mutually reinforcing.Some words and sentences, students just by writing deja vu, can help the students to take these things with more skilled, more accurate. This, in turn, will effectively improve the student's ability to read and understand.More writing and more practiceThe writing ability must be obtained through repeated practice. The composition can be from imitation, imitation samples should choose those simple language, simple structure. When middle school students practice writing, they should try to use the words, phrases and sentence patterns that have been learned.This will not only consolidate the content of the classroom, but also improve the ability to write. The language used to correctly, so at the time of writing carefully, Qin Chaqin asked. To want to use the word or sentence to a slight doubt, you should stop check. As long as you do more reading, more writing and more practice, perseverance, writing level will gradually improve.Rich vocabularyWords are the most basic elements of language. If you don't have a certain number of words, you can't write a good article. To write a good article, you must be good at selecting and using the most appropriate words from a large number of words. Therefore, expanding and enriching their vocabulary is the basis of writing ability.On the basis of extensive reading, intensive reading, special attention should be paid to some content close to life, close to the actual example of the life of middle school students. These articles should be short in length, plain in text, and in language. Many students want to express in their living things in the textbooks, because of the limitations of the current middle school textbooks.Included materialIn a large number of reading, should pay attention to the collection of writing often used in a variety of materials. Found that there can be learned, there is a way to enrich their expressions of words, sentences and paragraphs, etc., should be readily recorded, and finishing the classification.Have a lot of materials, can often read read, and at any time for new additions. Practice writing, you can make the necessary changes, flexible selection. After repeated imitation, practice, will certainly improve the writing ability.怎样才能提高英2113语写作能力  5261加强背诵  看了好文章,不单是理解就4102够了,还应该1653在理解的基础上多多背诵,才能达到融会贯通、据为已有的效果。英语宜多诵多背,把一些句型、短语,一些文章的片段或全篇,背得滚瓜烂熟,让这些材料在你的脑袋里扎根,当你要用的时候,它们便会自然而然地冒出来。  背诵可以培养正确使用语言的习惯,增强语感,这样就可以避免生搬硬套地写一些中国式的英文。加强背诵能变难为易,变费力为省力,能有效地帮助学生提高写作能力。 现在背诵和熟记一些语言材料,对中学生来说将会受用无穷。  重视阅读  要有效地提高英语水平,必须作大量的阅读。广泛的阅读可使学生开拓视野,丰富知识,增加语感,为写作提供必要的语言材料。作文和阅读是相辅相成、互相促进的。  有些词语和句型,学生只是似曾相识,通过作文能促使学生把这些东西运用得更熟练,表达得更准确。反过来,这也会有效地提高学生的闻读理解能力。  多写多练  写作能力必须通过反复实践才能获得。作文可先从仿写开始,模仿的例文应选择那些语言朴实,结构简单的短文。中学生练习写作时,应尽量使用学过的单词、短语和句型。  这既能巩固课堂里学到的内容,又能提高写作能力。所用的语言要力求正确清楚,为此在写的时候要十分细心,勤查勤问。对想用的词或句稍有怀疑,就应该停下来查一查。只要做到多读范文,多写多练,持之以恒,写作水平就一定会逐步提高。  丰富词汇  词是语言最基本的成分。如果不掌握一定数量的词语,就无法写出好文章。要写好文章,就必须善于从众多的词语中选择和运用最恰当的词语。所以扩大和丰富自己的词汇量是写作能力的基础。  在广泛阅读的基础上,特别要注意精读一些内容接近现实生活,接近中学生生活实际的例文。这些文章应该篇幅短小,文字浅显,语言规范。由于目前中学课本内容安排的限制,很多学生想在生活中表达的东西在课本中却无法找到。  收录材料  在大量阅读中,要注意收集写作中经常要用到的各种材料。发现有可以汲取的内容,有可以丰富自己表达手段的词语、句子和语段等,都应该随手记录,并整理分类。  手头有了较多的材料后,可以经常翻翻读读,并随时作新的补充。 练习写作时,可作必要的改动,灵活选用。经过反复的模仿、实践,肯定会提高写作能力。